Embracing the product model delivers big return on investment…

Want a Better Website? Embrace the Product Model

written by Bud Parr
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Article :Want a Better Website? Embrace the Product Model

Let’s get right to it. Does any of this commentary sound familiar to you?

  • Our website is so outdated.
  • The site seems to be running slow the past few weeks.
  • Let’s remember to fix that on the site the next time we update it.
  • We just don’t have the budget this year for a new website.

Whether you’re a big brand, non-profit group, or mid-size business it’s very likely you can relate to some or all of these statements. Why are these types of conversations so common? Because most websites are managed as if they are a project, and nothing more. But considering the critical role that a website plays for most any entity these days, there’s a much better way to treat your website. More on that in a bit.

The Challenge with Website ‘Projects’

When you take a project-based approach to managing a website, the likelihood for a poor user experience is greater. Why? Because there are significant flaws with the project model, which views your site as just another digital asset. And those flaws ultimately lead to disengagement by your audience.

Here’s how website ‘project’ typically flows:

You realize you haven’t updated your website in a really long time – months and months, or maybe even years.

The thought of jumping into a project of this size leaves you feeling overwhelmed and a bit apathetic.

You reach out to a few agencies, designers, or developers requesting a proposal and pricing for a new website.

The discovery process to determine an accurate project scope and quote can be time intensive for all involved parties. And not receiving an accurate quote upfront can lead to big challenges week or even months after the project kickoff.

A website partner is hired.

And away they go – crafting copy, gathering images, designing pages, writing code, setting up all the backend bells and whistles…everything you need for your new website launch.

You work through some obstacles.

Project challenges rear their ugly heads, but you get through them. Some are resolved to your satisfaction, some are not. The project timeline creeps, and your website launch date slides.

Your shiny new website launches.

Pride and happiness ensue (for at least a while).

Your website fails to evolve.

Sound familiar? Your organization, your product or services evolve and change with time, but your website does not.

So, there you have it. Before you know it, your new website is out of date and once again proving to be a pain point. And the value that you should be getting out of your big investment just isn’t there.

Treating your website like a product is a proven way to avoid the common pitfalls of project-based website development.

The Value of the Product Mindset

Managing your website like a product is very different than managing it like a project:

The product model allows for ongoing improvements to your website.

When it comes to managing your site, there are no starts and stops. Rather than build once and revisit later (start-stop-start), you benefit from an iterative design and development process.

The product model keeps your site relevant.

There’s flexibility to update your content at any time, so you’re presenting the most updated, relevant information to your audience. At the same time, you can keep the site looking current with regular design updates. You’ll never have to say that your site looks “so 2015” again.

The product model ensures site security.

Because this model supports continuous site management, any updates related to enhanced site security happen right away – not with the next round of site updates. This protects the site from potential software glitches and hacking and ensures that critical technical support is taken care of fast.

The product model keeps your audience engaged.

When your website is in a constant state of improvement, your audience will notice. They’ll be more engaged and will keep coming back to see what’s new, to support your cause, or to purchase your product or service.

Embracing the product model delivers big return on investment over the life of your website.

The product model offers big return on investment.

Every time you build a new site from scratch, there’s a significant amount of time and money exhausted. The ‘big spend’ that’s required for a new website or an extensive site refresh is often the reason why sites only get touched every few years.

With a product approach, you get a much better return on investment.

As with any new or updated website venture, there’s an initial investment to develop and launch the site. But that’s where the similarities between the project and product model end.

Instead of waiting a few years with no more investment in your site…watching it once again become outdated and inadequate…and then spending a massive amount of money and time to start the cycle all over again – you spend a much smaller ongoing investment on your site with the product model.

The slow-and-steady approach ensures that your website is updated, secure, relevant, and engaging – all the time

The slow-and-steady investment approach to design and development ensures that your website is updated, secure, relevant, and engaging – all the time:

  • You’ll have resources available to regularly update content about your products or services as they change.
  • You’ll keep your forward-facing site design looking fresh and relatable thanks to an iterative design process.
  • If any technical issues happen, they’re solved right away.
  • Because of ongoing behind-the-scenes technology updates, your site will be fast and secure for your users.

The final outcome of the product model? A better website with much better value for your organization and your audience.

Making the Move

Transitioning to a product model can be a pain-free process, if you pick the right team to implement it. The New Dynamic has taken this approach to website design and development since our inception, with proven processes and flexible pricing plans in place to make the switch as seamless and cost-effective as possible.

Think you’re ready to make the move? Connect with our team of experts today.

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