The New Dynamic Joins Netlify's Partner Program

written by Bud Parr
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Article :The New Dynamic Joins Netlify's Partner Program

We’ve long considered ourselves pioneers in using “Jamstack” methodologies to build our sites ( click here to read more), yet, there are a handful of others who have really pushed the space forward and are still doing so today. One of them is Matt Biilmann, who even back in 2012-13 saw the future and started building it. When he and Chris Bach founded Netlify in 2015 we had no idea how fundamentally they’d change the Jamstack landscape.-

Today, Netlify serves over a million developers, and with good reason. The experience of hosting and deploying sites on their platform is second to none. As you may heave read elsewhere on our site, we serve your entire website over a global content delivery network (typically called a CDN). CDNs give you a competitive edge by making your content available to your users from a location closest to where they are, significantly improving their experience. Not only is Netlify’s CDN fast, but it includes some features that tangibly improve our ability to deliver services to you:

  • One-click rollbacks. Something gone wrong - move back to any previous version of the site in a matter of seconds.
  • Staging Previews: Enables us to show real-time previews of changes before we make them live.
  • Superior A/B testing: Most testing software slows your site down. Netlify’s does not, allowing us to improve your users experience without compromise.
  • Automated build error notifications. We monitor every build of your site and Netlify notifies us instantly via Slack if there are errors, so we can follow up.
  • Automated deployment. The merging and building of the site is all done automatically, even if we update software, headache free.

And these are just a few of our favorite features. Netlify is an integral element in how we perform for you quickly and efficiently, so we’re particularly excited to be a part of their Agency Partner Program.

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