Introducing HUGE, a Hugo framework

written by Regis Philibert
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Article :Introducing HUGE, a Hugo framework

HUGE Announcement!

We’ve been cooking something interesting at TND which could benefit Hugo users. It’s a framework you can use on any Hugo project.

The concept revolves around making some critical Hugo features declarative.

Even though Hugo handles a lot from configuration, most of its new main features (pipes,, image transformation) do not. HUGE aligns their ease of use with other features of Hugo so users don’t have to educate themselves about their API and focus on what matters: HTML, Javascript, CSS.

  • Just a few lines of yaml to process scripts supporting React or styles supporting sass, tailwind, purgecss, you name it!
  • Just some configuration maps to generate your hosted fonts’s @fontface declaration!
  • An easy to use partial to transform your media files using either Hugo’s image processing or imgix!
  • HUGE will also automatically generates all the SEO tags your content will need including JSON+LD.
  • It even sports its own environment solution so testing environment is just as easy as the rest of Hugo!

HUGE is almost reaching Alpha, and has many more features to come!

Feedbacks or questions on its initital features detailed below? The best way to do it is to hit the repo’s Discussions

This is HUGE

HUGE Scripts!

HUGE will process your scripts with Hugo’s powerfull js.Build.

# _huge/config/scripts.yaml
- name: hugely
  path: js/hugely/index.jsx
  {{ partial "huge/scripts/tags" "hugely" }}
More on HUGE/Scripts here.

HUGE Styles!

HUGE will process your styles with Hugo’s powerfull Pipes (sass, postcss, purgecss, tailwind, you name it…)

- name: main
  path: css/main.scss
  - tailwind
  {{ partial "huge/styles/tags" "main" }}
More on HUGE/Styles here.

HUGE Media!

HUGE and its huge/media/Get function can transform images with Hugo’s powerful image transformations or… imgix!

{{ $args := dict
  "path" "/media/aldric-rivat-LfsDV6VObmw-unsplash.jpg"
  "width" 500
  "rotate" 45
{{ with partial "huge/media/Get" $args }}
  <img src="{{ .RelPermalink }}" alt="Rotated victorian houses">
{{ end }}
<img src="/media/aldric-rivat-LfsDV6VObmw-unsplash_hu64391a0_2570469_500x0_resize_q75_r45_box.jpg" alt="Rotated victorian houses">
More on HUGE/Media here.


Huge will build all the SEO related tags you need in your <head>, even JSON+LD with zero configuration!

# content/blog/
title: Victorian Houses
date: 2021-06-24T08:32:27.000Z
image: /media/aldric-rivat-LfsDV6VObmw-unsplash.jpg
translationKey: victorian-houses
  description: Victorian House galore for everyone who loves them!
Photo Credits: [Aldric Rivat](
<!-- SEO -->
{{ partial "huge/seo/tags" . }}
<!-- SEO -->
<title >Victorian Houses | Architecture Then!</title>
<meta content="index, follow" name="robots">
<meta content="Victorian Houses | Architecture Then!" property="og:title">
<meta content="Victorian Houses | Architecture Then!" name="twitter:title">
<meta content="Today we write about: Victorian House galore for everyone who loves them!" name="description">
<meta content="Today we write about: Victorian House galore for everyone who loves them!" property="og:description">
<meta content="Today we write about: Victorian House galore for everyone who loves them!" name="twitter:description">
<script type="application/ld+json">{"@context":"","@type":"website","dateModified":null,"datePublished":null,"description":"Today we write about: Victorian House galore for everyone who loves them!","headline":"Victorian Houses | Architecture Then!","image":"","url":"","wordcount":"8"}</script>
<meta content="" property="og:url">
<meta content="" name="twitter:url">
<meta content="Architecture Then!" property="og:site_name">
<meta content="en" property="og:locale">
<meta content="" name="canonical">
<link href="" hreflang="fr" rel="alternate">
<meta content="website" property="og:type">
<meta content="2021-06-24T08:32:27+00:00" property="og:published_time">
<meta content="/" property="og:image">
<meta content="" name="twitter:image">
<meta content="summary_large_image" name="twitter:card">
More on HUGE/SEO here.

HUGE Fonts!

Declare your fonts with their property and a base filename pointing to your assets and HUGE will generate all the necessary @fontface declarations for you with prefetching tags to boot!

# _huge/config/fonts.yaml
- family: Open
  file: fonts/open-sans-v17-latin-300
  weight: 300
  style: normal
- family: Open
  file: fonts/open-sans-v17-latin-300italic
  weight: 300
  style: italic
- family: Open
  file: fonts/open-sans-v17-latin-regular
  weight: 400
<!-- fonts -->
{{ partial "huge/fonts/tags . }}
More on HUGE/Fonts here.

HUGE Environment!

HUGE offers an environment solution which gives users several functions to test environments following their own logic.

{{ $env := partial "huge/env/Get" . }}
{{ if eq $env "development" }}
  {{ $debug = true }}
{{ end }}
{{ if partial "huge/env/Is" "production" }}
  {{ $ga = true}}
{{ end }}
More on HUGE/Env here.

HUGE Configuration

Everything happens in _huge/config/ directory!

More on HUGE/Config here.

Get started!

I guess the easiest way to get acquainted with HUGE might be by downloading one of its starters:


NPM free, SCSS and vanilla JS :

Tailwind + React

PostCSS, Tailwind and React:

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