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What is a Hyperlocal Website?

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Article :What is a Hyperlocal Website?

When your business serves many communities of people, you’ve got a real challenge on your hands. What are the aspects of building a global website?

  • Translate languages to local markets.
  • Localize your site so it’s easy to use from anywhere.
  • Display geo-targed content to improve messaging wherever your audience is from.

Those aspects alone can be challenging, yet there’s more if you want to be truly competitive. What happens when you (or, more specifically, your website) is in California, but someone visits your website in Berlin, or Cairo, or anyhwere else in the world? The answer is that, with a typical website, your potential customer is paying the price for that distance by having to wait. Sure, it may only be a few seconds, but, as we’ve discussed elsewhere, those seconds matter.

A Hyperlocal website not only is translated, localized, and geo-targeted, but serves your site from points of presence all over the world, wherever your audience is.

Delivering your site from every corner of the world

A website’s software and all of its files typically sit on a single server. If you’re in the U.S. that server might be in New York, Texas, wherever the server, the software, the files all interact with each other fast to serve up the site experience. That’s the old way.

When your site is built with our Jamstack technology, the experience is even faster. We put the entirety of the site’s content on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and accelerate everything for your audience in any corner of the world.

How a Content Delivery Network Works

A CDN essentially duplicates your website files and makes them available on multiple servers all over the world. The site is delivered to the user from the server located closest to them.

All websites can use CDNs to serve assets from their site. But only our Jamstack sites have the ability to serve the HTML and every single asset from CDNs around the world. That combined with our focus on web performance gives your audience the best possible experience.

That’s hyperlocal.

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